It’s Feb. 14—Gardeners, Where Are Your Flowers?

Fancy flowers from Target. A rose for my sweetie and for spring.

Fancy flowers from Target. A rose for my sweetie and for spring.


The other side of the flowers.

OK, it’s a hard winter. The blizzard of 2014 has blitzed the East Coast with ice storms, feet of snow and snapped power lines.

Luckily, here in Iowa we’ve not faced that particular storm, but we have a boatload of snow. A few inches here, a few inches there—it has built up until the contours of the land lay hidden beneath a thick winter frosty blanket. The frost is feet deep in the ground and has played havoc with our pipes.

And cold. It’s been cold.

But, it’s also Feb. 14. Midway through the shortest month of the year. And although we can grow impatient for the turn of the season, it’s still weeks away.

Perhaps that’s a reason to celebrated St. Valentine and warm love today. Winter has us defiantly in it’s grasp, but it’s grasp is, ever so slowly, loosening.

I had to shovel snow yet again today and will tomorrow. But I also had to be extra careful, because of ice beneath the snow—ice caused because the pavement had been warmed the February sun yesterday before the snow fell.

At 5:30, it’s fading light, not full dark as it was before 5 in December. The sun climbs higher each day, and even today, when it got only to 19, where that St. Valentine’s Day sun struck pavement, it warmed that cold stone enough to melt the heart of winter.

So we buy flowers. For the ones we love. Love you, dear. And love flowers.

They lie sleeping deep in the frozen ground. But the world is slowly growing less frozen. In the second half of February, it’s inevitable that the strengthening sun will melt more of our mountains of snow. We’ll be in winter for weeks yet, but only weeks, not months.

So I’m happy to buy my sweetie a bouquet. To warm her heart. To remind me of coming spring. For the hope of future flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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