And Let The Blogging Begin

Students type in their CO 120 lab this morning. I asked permission and was careful not to show faces.

Students type in their CO 120 lab this morning. I asked permission and was careful not to show faces.

I’m launching 8 new bloggers into cyberspace this morning. Student in my CO 120, Introduction to Journalism, course are busy typing away, trying to come up with original thoughts.

I wish them well. I hope that they enjoy the self expression.

And I hope that they learn to use their blogging powers responsibly. Blogs are personal, can be self-indulgent, but can also be insightful and interesting. As future professional communicators, I want my CO 120 students to know about blogging, and having them each maintain a person blog is part of the lesson.

What will I be looking for from them?

  • They should maintain journalistic standards. If a journalist is blogging as part of her role as a writer, the facts should be verified, the names spelled well, the copy written according to Associated Press style, etc. These are not “news stories”—blogging should be more personal and emotional than that—but if a journalist is writing the blog, it should still be journalism.
  • Their blogs should be interesting. A blog lets a writer express his world view. If that view is well thought out, it should be worth the readers’ time. I am not limiting their topics or writing choices. That can be scary for them, but I also hope it is liberating. Anyway, wish them luck.
  • They should have fun. Writing is an activity that is rewarding on its own—to a writer. To write is to think and to organize and to clarify. And that process, while intimidating because a blog exposes you to the world, is also nice.

Look for these new bloggers. In the coming week their blogs will show up on this site. Click the link if you want more insight into what a college student in 2014 is doing from the student point of view.

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