Blowing Bubbles Somewhere Below Zero


Bubble frozen on back deck.

So, we saw a random YouTube video where someone tossed boiling water into the air, and thought, well, what’s an Arctic Vortex for?

So my son Ben put the kettle on and my wife got some bubble stuff (because who knows what bubbles do in an Arctic Vortex?) and we headed outside.

Well, as you can see, the results were awesome. Maybe they don’t make up for wind chills of 50 below, but at least, in the bitter cold, some things are cool.

(Jan. 7 update: Be careful if you try this. We didn’t have any problems, but apparently some people manage to burn themselves because the water does not cool or freeze instantly. My sister Toni posted this on Facebook).


More frozen bubbles, above and below. No blood was shed, my wife had yellow-tinted bubble stuff that worked well, my son and I blew red that didn’t work well.



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