Planting Hundreds of Fall Bulbs

Garden hole

A hole in my garden, with tulip and daffodil bulbs ready to be covered. There were many such holes today.

Well, those bulbs came in the nick of time.

While I was on campus Wednesday giving a makeup midterm exam, one of my daughters sent me a text to  let me know that several big boxes of flower bulbs had arrived at my house. (Said daughter was dropping off a nice surprise, some yummy pumpkin cinnamon rolls with homemade cream cheese frosting.)

And today, we (two of my daughters and I) divided up the bulbs (the two daughters are getting some) and I planted. And planted. And planted. We had several varieties of daffodils and tulips, some grape hyacinth, Spanish bluebells, etc. I’m most excited by some Echinacea. I have many purple coneflowers, but this is a mix of some other colors. Tristan helped me plant them in the garden by the chimney and pear tree. I hope they come up.

Other than that, it was a long process of digging holes and planting. I had to Google some bulbs to learn how deep to plant them. We made one error-buying one kind of flower that is “out of zone,” that isn’t usually hardy this far north. I planted them right up against the foundation of the house and up against the rock wall in the lower garden—I’m hoping those spaces will be warm enough for these flowers to survive.

In the end, I was digging some daffodil graves. Just creating holes and chucking in as many bulbs as I could.

That will, I hope, create attractive clusters in the spring.

That’s what’s great about planting fall bulbs. It makes you anxiously await spring, which, knock on wood, should have some new pretty colors.

I originally thought we would plant all the bulbs in all three yards today. That was crazy, because, in fact, planting just in my gardens took all day, almost until dark. So there are still two sets of flowers yet to plant.

Well, wonderful. More places that should look better next spring.


My shovel. That and my trowel got a lot of use today.


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