I Want To Finish This Trilogy Of Silly

I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg films, or at least the two of his three “Cornetto Trilogy” movies that I have seen so far, “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” The third is out in theaters, and I have not viewed it yet.

I saw “Shaun of the Dead” a few years ago, and despite some graphic violence, found it very witty. I especially like the scene where the two friends are picking out which old record albums to throw at the approaching zombie. It’s a funny movie, and the violence is very cartoonish—obviously not to be taken seriously in this parody.

My wife and I have been thinking, with the release of the third movie “The World’s End,” that we should see the second. One of our daughters warned us before we bought a DVD of “Hot Fuzz” that it was much too violent for our tastes. Still, we are curious about movie 2, since we liked “Shaun” so much. So we bought it and watched it this Saturday.

Well. It was violent, much more graphically violent than the first movie. But even here, the violence is not played to scare, but is an integral, and rather cartoonish, part of a parody. I’ve never been less disturbed by two beheadings or a man impaled by a roof spike (and somehow those details reminded me of Exorcist movies). Anyway, I’m not sure we got many of the movie references—you could tell that much of what you were watching was meant to remind you of things that we had not seen—but it’s a tribute to the rather droll British sense of humor that it’s not necessary to “get” the parody in order to enjoy it.

If you liked “Shaun of the Dead,” then you probably will like “Hot Fuzz.” I know I did.

Best line of the movie? “Narp?” At one point, the main police character has to imitate a bad guy, a local thuggish character whose only line so far has been “yarp” when he means yes. The cop answers two questions in a good imitation of the bad guy’s “yarp,” but then comes a question he must answer in the negative. Neither he nor the viewer has heard the thug say “no,” before, so the “narp” is said as a desperate, apparently correct, guess as to what the negation of “yarp” might be. Trust me, in the movie it’s much funnier.

And it’s all for the greater good.

I may enjoy the third movie the most, I don’t know. But at least I actually watch science fiction movies, so maybe the jokes will be even funnier.

Then again, even without that level of understanding, they were pretty darn funny in “Hot Fuzz.” Yarp.


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