Random 5 a.m. Thoughts on Turning 55

55 cade

My daughter Katy made this cake for our family birthday party–just in case you wondered how old I now am.

I had a very nice birthday party last night—two of my children and their children were over, and after one of my favorite meals (chicken tacos) and a desert (chocolate cake and ice cream), three of the grandchildren are staying overnight. Later this morning, I’ll make pancakes.

I can’t ask to have had a much nicer birthday

The number 55 feels a bit odd. I can get cheaper meals in some restaurants now. Otherwise, it’s not exactly a monumental birthday, just another signpost on the highway of life.

The day was a good birthday, and not just due to the party. It was the end of the first week of the fall term, which closes on Labor Day weekend—the start of fall classes is always exciting as there are new students to meet and work with, and Labor Day is handy because it gives us a short second week.

Yesterday, for my birthday, I:

  • Fixed myself my favorite breakfast. In case you wonder, it’s fried eggs and English muffins. It’s not a healthy breakfast, and I don’t have it often, but I do like it.
  • Had cake-mix cookies at the newspaper meeting at the university. Those are also some calorie bombs, but still yummy. I made these with a lemon cake mix, and the students (and I) seemed to enjoy.
  • Ate at the cafeteria. I know, I know, institutional food—but I don’t eat there often, and I am usually a fan of cafeteria-style eating, especially because I don’t do it often. I’m sure those who must eat in the café day after day find it tiresome, but it was a treat for me.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. If I were to change one thing, I would tune down the temperature a bit. I love to bike, and rode my bicycle today to work as I do most days, but I didn’t take the longer trail route home, as I might to savor biking on a nice day. The heat index was well over 100, so my ride was pretty direct.

Aside from that, I think I turned 55 in pretty good style. Sadly, I have not been a captain of industry so I can’t retire wealthy at 55, but then again, I like what I do, so having to continue to do it seems a blessing.

And I do get those restaurant discounts, now.

To finish, I was hoping to find an old PSA that had a song to it to go with the 55 theme. Back in the late 1970s when I learned to drive, the national speed limit was 55 mph, and there was a PSA with an odd jingle called “55 is your freind.” I did not find that one, but did find this one–and yes, I do recall seeing it way back when it was actually on TV:


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