Memories for you today…

Picture this: Four slippery kids in the bath. Dad’s turn to bathe us. What do you think he’s going to do? Sing. Sing Love Potion Number 9. Ruby, Don’t Bring your love to town. Great songs.  That’s us. That’s our dad singing. That’s how we learned the classics.

It is time for lunch. TIme to feed six hungry kids. What to do? The answer is obvious. Beanies and weanies. Obviously. And bread and butter sandwiches. 

Cinnamon rolls remind me of my Dad. Waking up in the morning to the sound of dishes clanking and knowing what’s coming. Yes. Yum. Pancakes too. 

I remember when I used to get in trouble. Who did you want to discipline you? Dad. Obviously.

Now Dad is a GrandDad. There is something special about watching your parents with your kids and knowing that at one time that was you. They did those things for you. They loved you. They listened to you. They changed your diaper and put you to bed. 

My Dad is pretty darn cool. This wasn’t particularly eloquent. But my dad? This guy is pretty awesome. 


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  1. CRGardenJoe

    Aww. One of my kids was on my computer (and in my WordPress account) and wrote this, which I think is pretty sweet.

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