A Few Garden Notes

Flowers in garden

Stella de oro lily.

Stella de oro lily.

I almost, but did not, serve on a jury this week, and thought about writing about the Zimmerman case, but I really don’t want to. I don’t like to second-guess juries—they are not answering the question what they think should happen, they are charged with a specific legal question of guilt or innocence under a specific law explained by a judge—and I also don’t like Florida law.

“Stand your ground.” Because pursuing a vague prowler in the midst of the night if you’re a vigilante with a gun is a recipe for happily ever after. Not.

Anyway, the heck with it.

Then, I thought of commenting on the spy case involving the NSA, the Moscow airport and waylaying Bolivia’s president. But a whistle blower who won’t face the music is a pretty poor hero, I was in Paraguay when the story broke, and I still can’t wrap my mind around it.

So I will write about flowers. We’re in lily season in Iowa, as you can see. I am very fond of day lilies, as I have written before. This year, I planted toad lilies, but have seen no sign of them since I returned from my trip. Other garden news:

  • Bunnies are back. This may be related to the toad lily problem, because bunnies are ravenous eaters and like certain lilies. It almost makes we want to have a dog again. Almost.
  • Trees are seeming to do OK. We went from a wet spring, full of dramatic floods, into a sudden dry spell. There is rain in the forecast next week (just in time for RAGBRAI), so I hope nothing extended comes of it. The only constant in our weather this year has been that it seems to get stuck in a pattern for a period of time. It’s rain. Rain, rain, rain, ran. Then, it is humid and hot—for two weeks at a time. Global weirding. Anyway, of 10 young trees planted last year, three survived the winter and all three are doing OK. I’m still worried about the hawthorn tree in front that was topped by winter—I hope it gets enough strength to do better in the coming season. But I’ve seen that before—where a young tree has its crown die in a winter. Sometimes it’s the start of a decline .Sometimes it’s a meaningless blip in the road. We’ll see.
  • A fall bulb catalog has arrived. And since we are in a “plant” cycle this year, that means an order. Plus, two daughters are in new homes with gardens that need more early spring plants from fall bulbs—but then again, what garden doesn’t? So far, it seems we are headed for a fairly mainstream order of tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinth. There will be many bulbs, since it’s a wholesale catalog. There are pages of irises, just to continue to taunt me. My wife suggests that we just give the irises to my sister Cate, and then in a couple of years go other there and dig them up, since about the only irises we have that bloom came from her yard.

That’s about it. No deep wisdom on the passing events of the day, I know. Something about summer, or the odd unsatisfactory nature of the big issues of the day keeps me away from politics. I think I’ll go have a nice cold lemonade.



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2 responses to “A Few Garden Notes

  1. Pat

    I’ve ordered some bulbs and irises for Mimi’s yard. I’m an enabler.

    • CRGardenJoe

      Yeah, we saw some end-of-season trees at HyVee today, $50 trees on sale for $5. So we bought them. Since we closed out their nursery, they have use an additional discount, and all four trees only cost $5. Our rationale has to do with Katy and Theresa having new yards … and they don’t want the trees, we’ll crowd them into the yard like tourists on a Paraguayan bus. Two ornamental cherry trees, that would be full-sized trees, and two crab apples.

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