The Joy of a Wet Garden on a Spring Morning

Spent ash flowers on top of a Mazda.

Spent ash flowers on top of a Mazda.

I only had a few minutes this morning. Ben was being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Iowa State in Ames, and we had to leave Cedar Rapids by 10 a.m.

But, I had a few minutes and the sun was shining. We have not seen sol so much recently—it’s been cold, cloudy and rainy. We’re lucky—just a bit west of here, say 40 miles, it was cold and snowy while we got rain.

Damp pear blossoms.

Damp pear blossoms.

Anyway, the yard and garden were cool and wet this morning, but the air held the promise of spring warmth and the newly opened or about-to-open flowers beckoned.

Before taking my Nikon to Ames to snap Ben, I used it to snap some flower photos. The morning sunshine was delicious. All of the photos in the video are in my garden, except for the spider web, which Audrey noticed on our morning walk.

Well, time to enjoy the sweet spring garden is pretty precious in the final frantic weeks of a semester. I’ll leave you to view the video and decide if you agree.


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