What I Think I Ordered For Spring

Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells

Solomon's Seal

Solomon’s Seal



Toad Lilies

Toad Lilies

When the package arrives from Ohio, it might have a few surprises inside.

Last year was a “light” planting year for our gardens. I did put in one new garden patch, but pretty much just let grow whatever grew and weeded and watched.

I planted trees instead of garden plants.

This year, it looks we’re back to flowers again. We got a rush of spring catalogs, and decided to order some perennials that we had talked about for a while. Trouble is, true story, I’m not 100 percent sure what we ordered.

We had a sale catalog from a company called Spring Hill Nursery, and photos that I show on this post are from their web site: springhillnursery.com. I am certain we placed an order. I just get fuzzy on details after that. The first three plants I list? OK, I’m pretty sure we did order those. The fourth plant? We might have ordered it, but I’m less sure. We probably ordered some other things too—I recall us looking for a while at an Application violet, but I don’t recall if we purchased it. I might have been dissuaded because we do have a profusion of native Iowa violets in our gardens already.

Anyway, we used my wife’s e-mail address, so she could look up the order confirmation. Me, I’ll just wait and see what comes. Here is what I think is probably coming:

1) Toad lilies. We ordered, I think, a couple of sets of this toad lily mix. Toad lilies are just a spotted variety of day lily, but can be a bit shade tolerant, which is a huge plus in our shady gardens.

2) Variegated Solomon’s Seal. I don’t know much about this plant, but the pictures looked interesting, and again, it’s a shade-OK plant, and we’ve got lots of shade for it to be OK in.

3) Virginia Bluebells. I planted some bluebells several years ago by our back gate. They reliably come back, but have not spread at all, so I’m getting some more.

4) Dutch Iris Mix. Given my poor history with irises, this is a huge gamble. Honestly, I’m not totally confident that we took it, but we might have.

Well, that’s all I recall, and as you can tell, what I do recall, I don’t recall all that well. I don’t think that’s all that we ordered, but I do know that we did not order a bunch of stuff, so if I’m missing plants, I’m only missing a few. All I can say of the quality of my memory is what my sister wrote on Facebook following her experience of waiting a half hour in an empty classroom for students who never came because she was waiting on the wrong day—I, too, am an old fart.

But, I bought a trowel just yesterday. So now, even if it snowed today and will get down to the 20s tonight, I’m an old fart standing by and ready to do some planting!

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