At My Son’s Request, A Spring Fun Tune for Tuesday

Ah, spring! When a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of: WTF is wrong with my dad? Why is he calling me at 7:10 p.m. on a Monday to tell me that Page 9 is missing? Is this some sort of “White Album” (number 9) inspired joke?

It all happened Monday night. Earlier, before a faculty meeting, I had turned my phone to vibrate, and during the bell choir rehearsal that evening at MMU, the clanging of my bells drowned out the soft hum of a vibrating cell phone–so I didn’t realize I had a set of missed calls until I was well on the way home.

Fortunately, I had not gone too far when I thought to check my phone, and sure enough, I saw that I had two messages from a number I did not recognize. “Oh, Shucks” I thought, although my mental pronunciation might have been a bit off, “something when wrong with the newspaper.”

It had. When students had submitted this week’s issue of the MMU Times, they had missed sending Page 9.

Time to call Ben, editor of the MMU Times. But, both my son and the newspaper editor are named “Ben,” so when I called the first Ben on my contact list, I reached the wrong one. And, because both Bens are 20-something young men with voices that sound very similar, when Ben (my son, not the editor Ben) answered his phone,  it took me a few minutes to realize I was not conversing with a student at MMU, but rather a student at ISU. Ben might have been wondering a bit about my mental state.

Somehow, it was the cap to a very Monday Monday. I had been been rushing all day long, things had not all gone smoothly in classes or otherwise, and here I was, having to head back to campus after slinking away from a rather rough bell rehearsal. I can’t say my spirits were high. To top it off, after I sent the page and started towards home a half hour later, it started to spit rain. At least, for some reason, the rain just struck me as funny.  Of course. On this Monday of all Mondays, it rains on me while I’m late riding my bike home. Ha ha.

It all worked out well in the end. The printer kindly waited for me to re-submit Page 9. The rain didn’t amount to anything that night, although we’ve had a fair share since. And Ben (my son) suggested this video on Facebook for a Tune for Tuesday.  It seems very green and very springy, so here goes:



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3 responses to “At My Son’s Request, A Spring Fun Tune for Tuesday

  1. Cindy

    Cute song! Almost as good as the Gummy Bear Song 🙂 Glad you got your Monday all figured out….lol

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