The Best Super Bowl Ever

From, the ladies enjoy some Super Bowl snacks.

From, the ladies enjoy some Super Bowl snacks.

Where was I when the lights went out?

Well, as soon as the second quarter ended, and it looked like a Baltimore blowout, my wife and I switched channels. Our planned halftime show is called “Dowton Abbey.”

This week’s period British drama was not as dramatic as last week’s episode, thank goodness. But it had its moments:

  • Lady Mary to Lord Grantham: “The world isn’t going your way—not anymore.”
  • The Dowager Countess, turning down Lord Grantham’s demand that she and the other ladies leave the luncheon at Isobel’s: “It would be shame for such a lovely pudding to go to waste.” And earlier, of course, the Dowager Zinger had another great line—talking to Dr. Clarkson: “‘Lie’ is such an unmusical word.”
  • Mrs. Patmore to Ethel: “Anyone who has the use of their limbs can make a salmon mousse.”

Ah, such great Super Bowl memories. And when the latest installment of our British melodrama had ended, we switched back to CBS, and voila—there was still a football game going on, for which we had missed all of the halftime show and all of the half-hour of silent tribute to human’s inability to generate electricity. Job well, done, I’d say.

I didn’t see all of the commercials—I missed the horsy one that is causing all the buzz. I did see, however, the M&M one, which I thought was fairly well done. GoDaddy was embarrassingly bad, but what else was new?

As for the game, it was Baltimore vs. San Francisco. I’d rather visit San Francisco, but I don’t mind it when an old rust-belt East Coast city gets to win over the Left Coast. And it was an exciting finish, wasn’t it?

But what will become of baby Sybil?


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