Tune for Tuesday: This One’s For Amanda, and Now I’m Hungry

Amanda turned 28 this week, a bit of a mind-blowing moment for Audrey and I. I totally forgot she was born the same day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president for the second time–but that’s known as the coldest inaugural in history, and it was darn cold in Missouri, too.

Anyway, I did a lab this J term with a professional writing class, and it involved learning to create charts in Excel. I downloaded some Excel data from the Census Bureau, and gave the class the scenario that the company IKEA was looking for an Iowa location.

Well, a couple of the students had been there before, and those of use who have been infected with the IKEA brain virus went into some sort of Swedish meatball shock. The idea of IKEA in Iowa was so just so darn powerful.

Anyway, a librarian who was doing unrelated work in the classroom found a link to this song in its rather more tame, original form. Here I present the metal version, which is just that much more fun.

Happy birthday, Amanda. This one’s for you:



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2 responses to “Tune for Tuesday: This One’s For Amanda, and Now I’m Hungry

  1. Yesss! I’ve always wanted a theme song for my birthday! Now I want to wear my Vikea t-shirt and rock out in ways that only a newly-turned 28 year old can rock.

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