Green With Envy Over A Nice Girl I’ve Never Met


A honey bee. Hold on, it will make sense. It’s from wikicommons, uploaded by درفش کاویانی

The internet is a strange planet, and one of its odder cities is the blogosphere where prophets shout and poets dream and sometimes no one is listening.

Sometimes, they are—just not to me.

It’s long been a dream of mine to have the special validation that comes from being “freshly pressed,” even if my clothes never are. For those of us with WordPress blogs, that is a special place, in our blog neighborhood, the “as seen on TV” part of our blog town.

Not that being “freshly pressed” is the only thrill in the blogosphere. To the contrary.

Or to Girl on the Contrary.

She’s a sweet thing—at least she seems so from her blog, and she’s just recently wedded herself to Captain Thoughtful, and that’s nice, y’all (a word that seems much more natural coming from her than from me).

Anyway, Ms. GOTC has had two (two! that’s like, well, two more than me!) of her blogs performed on stage.

And, as you can see above and as she notes on her blog, the video is the bee’s knees—which, by the way, is a saying that actually sort of makes a crazy kind of sense, since a honey bee’s honey sacks are sort of on her knees.

Anyway, read all about GOTC’s experience having her blog made into high art on the stage, see the video, and follow her blog. Her blog babies are never ugly and always worth reading.

And then think of me with at least a little pity in your heart. My blog has not yet made the New York stage, nor has it been freshly pressed nor has it inspired a book or Hollywood movie.

But it totally should. Just so GOTC could be green with envy, for once.



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3 responses to “Green With Envy Over A Nice Girl I’ve Never Met

  1. I’m listening! I’m listening! And I think you should totally set your blog to music and/or interpretive dance. Screw Blogologues, it’s all you, dude! You could make this blog sing!

  2. This is very sweet- thank you! And don’t worry, I am frequently green with envy. For one, it would appear that you can keep plants alive and I can’t so, consider my thumb green with envy over not being green at all. 🙂

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