Well, 5th Place In A Contest of 13,000 Is Pretty Good

Ben Wood

Ben Wood, MMU Times editor, looking like a student editor does at a Miss America party–cell phone in one hand, iPad in the other, lap filled by laptop.

Mariah Cary was not crowned Miss America, which is too bad, but she made the top five, and that’s pretty awesome.

Mariah - state crown in hand

From Missmuscatine.com–Mariah Cary holding Miss Iowa crown.

The MMU Public Relations student could have been nicknamed “Miss Heart Attack.” It seemed, watching the pageant on TV tonight, that every time they announced a new cut, Mariah was either the last or penultimate woman to make it to the next level.

I was watching the pageant at MMU, where the student newspaper sponsored snacks and the show was shown on nice big TVs. It was a bit of cliff hanger, but at the end, although she couldn’t hear it, Mariah got a nice round of applause from the crowd.

KGAN TV came to film the party, and I was among those whose image was shown briefly on TV. Unlike Mariah, I didn’t have to work really hard for my few seconds of fame.

Well, Mariah, you home fans enjoyed watching how far you went. We all agreed you would have made a fantastic Miss America—but you’ll still make a pretty terrific person, anyway. So, congratulations.

Crowd in U Center

As Mariah dances on TV, a student’s hand dances along. They reported 13,000 young ladies began local pageants hoping to be Miss America, and Mariah Cary ended up in the top 5. Well, cool


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One response to “Well, 5th Place In A Contest of 13,000 Is Pretty Good

  1. That is great It is impressive to place that high out of that many contestants. It is good to know your town and school backed her up.

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