My daughter accurately describes the animal nature of three of my grandkids.

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Our house feels like a zoo. It is rarely quiet, rarely clean, and there is the constant pitter patter of feet running somewhere in the house. It makes it hard to remember sometimes that the noise is actually from 3 children, not from a bunch of animals.

If the kids were animals they would be…


Nikayla would be a bird. Not really sure what kind of bird, but a flashy one like a peacock. And yes, I know its the male peacocks that are really flashy but for this analogy just go with it. Nikayla likes to dress up and strut around. She collects anything shiny and wears it with pride while showing it off to everyone. She gets very distressed if she thinks her dress or hair is messed up, and insists on it being corrected immediately. Recently after a chili dinner she tried to convince me she…

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