Thanks for the Ability to say Thanks

Amelia Sebers, age 1. She was at the Bowman Woods playground Wednesday, playing catch with her grandad. She would toss the basketball at me, and bounce her arms as if she were making the ball bounce. I think she’s being thankful. I know I am.

Thanksgiving 2012. I do have a lot to be grateful for. I read recently that Chimpanzees tend to be happy when they are young and old, with an unhappy mid-life crisis in the middle.

The researchers noted that this was an important discovery because that U shaped graph of “happy” is typical of those ape’s closest genetic relatives. Speaking as one of those monkey’s uncles (clever wordplay only, please don’t comment to tell me that neither we nor Chips are monkeys, I know, I know), I think I’m on the upside of that U. Life in the mid 50s, I think, is just better than life in the 30s or 40s.

So I have much to say thanks for:

  • Family, of course. A loving spouse, bright and interesting kids, siblings that I can still pal around with. In particular, grandchildren. They are indeed grand. Interesting little people you get to play with and aren’t totally responsible for. Mom gets to fret. Grandpa gets to feed you sweets and send you home.
  • Food. It’s Thanksgiving day. Despite all the media and internet hype, the basic recipe is not that hard to master, and the day is full of pies. Yum.
  • Productive work. Not just a paycheck, but also work that leaves me feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile, having a positive impact on others’ lives. A job that both pays for the turkey and leaves you with some sense of fulfillment is a wonderful thing.
  • The Big Lebowski. OK, it’s a quirky, odd movie, and I’m 14 years late, but last night Audrey and Ben and Nina and I sat down and watched it, and enjoyed it. It was my first time. The dude abides.
  • “Modern Family” and “Suburgatory.” OK, it’s lowbrow, but it’s not often that there are two TV shows I enjoy and watch regularly—and the combination of our favorite sitcoms followed by a silly movie made the end of the eve of Thanksgiving very satisfactory. Maybe it’s not so much the shows and DVD that I enjoyed and am grateful for, as the relaxed family time.

There you have it. Audrey and Nina are visiting Shirley, Audrey’s mom, right now, so I should get the heck off the net and start cooking breakfast and begin enjoying the real, rather than the virtual, life. I don’t expect to get back on the ‘net today. Too much to do—cooking and eating and laying around like a sloth after that. Gee. More stuff to be thankful for.


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One response to “Thanks for the Ability to say Thanks

  1. I need to watch The Big Lebowski because I keep seeing references to it every.where (okay, internet everywhere, but still) and I’ve never seen it either. But you know what I need to watch first? The last movie of the Twilight Series. MATTHEW MOSCOU, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, YOU SHOULD TAKE YOUR WIFE TO THE MOVIES. /end subliminal message.

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