Besides Barack, who lost last night’s debate?

Pool image of last night’s debate, downloaded from Los Angeles Times.

A student in my 8 a.m. class said that she was merely confused by last night’s presidential debate.

“I don’t know anything about politics,” she confessed, an assertion that comes as no surprise to any college professor.

Still, the reaction to the debate in my class was interesting. Most of the students agreed with the pundits, Romney was the clear winner.

A few die-hard Obama fans stood by their man, however, one noting that she can’t even stand the sound of Mitt Romney’s voice.

As for the substance of the debate, well, that was confusing to me, and I’m a fairly well aware political news consumer. I don’t think Obama did as badly on debate points as he did on performance, but still. As far as substance goes, I’m pretty sure the students were at sea.

Give some credit to to Mitt. He had reason to try hard, and he did.  Winning the debate doesn’t exactly seal up the election—Mitt was behind and needed a change. Will this be enough? I have my doubts, and there are more debates.

But, on this round at least, Obama lost.

There were some other clear losers, too. One was Jim Lehrer, a venerable PBS news caster whose relaxed style was perhaps too relaxed.

The other loser? Sure, Obama got bin Laden. Mitt Romney is gunning for:


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