What I Did With My Summer Vacation

Baby bird

I rescued this baby robin from the bird bath. Counts for something?

My wife pointed out to me today that she accomplished numerous projects around the house this summer, while I did not.

She’s mostly right. She installed two new faucets, painted several rooms, resurfaced three floors, hung new doors and put in a new mail box. I had a minor hand in a few of these chores—mitering out the area for the hinges on the laundry room door, for example—but for the most part, my role was to be as a scarce as possible.

I rode RAGBRAI while some of these projects took place. I rode practice rides for RAGBRAI during others.

Not that I was idle all summer, but my projects were more idiosyncratic and less related to household needs. I planted six young trees—which Audrey purchased, by the way—but we hardly needed any new trees. I planted a new garden while a new furnace was being installed (and I called to set up the estimates for the new furnace). And yes, take that, Jenifer, there are hostas in the new garden! Although, again, we are hardly hosta deprived without the new garden.

I watered our gardens and our new baby trees—a necessity in this drought year when much more would have died without that H2O—although, again, saving the lives of extraneous trees might not exactly move the needle very far on the karma-meter.

Today, I’m planning some early fall outdoor prep—primarily to mow (for the second time this summer, literally the second time, no joke) and plant some grass seed. And I may weed the gardens a bit.

Oh, I almost forgot, I mulched. I know, it’s not much of a chore. But I also rescued a baby bird from our bird bath, in that I put it back in its nest, although it was gone again the next day.

Yes, Audrey is way ahead, karma wise.

Nobody who knows us is surprised.


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2 responses to “What I Did With My Summer Vacation

  1. Cate Sheller

    I transplanted a tree today. I may have killed it in the process, but I dug an awesome hole for it.

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