Butterfly Bush Guests Include Wasp and Bird

I have a few minutes before a family outing, so I’m in a rocking chair on my front porch, Nikon in hand, long lens in place, hoping for butterflies.

I’ve seen Monarchs and large yellow exotic-looking creatures here before, but on this warm afternoon, the visitors seem a bit more mundane, some skippers and a painted lady to spice it up.

I can’t help but move. I want to be closer, to see the little visitors in more detail, although I can’t get less than five feet away and have my camera focus.

I shoot photo after photo. Digital photography seems like such a blessing and a curse—so easy to shoot and shoot and shoot.

There, the painted lady is facing me. Oh, now a side view.

Then, two butterflies are on the same cluster of flowers—will I capture them both?

Wanting a short break and a change of scenery, I wander over to check out a drought-stricken hydrangea that is just now coming into bloom. I see a medium sized black wasp and raise my camera, but it’s gone.

So I go back to the butterfly bush, where I discover what the wasp is up too-sucking nectar from the same bush as the butterflies.

Well, I’m glad the Japanese beetles are departing, leaving this bush to the wasps, but mostly to the butterflies. A butterfly bush is delicate—it dies to the ground each winter—and it’s not particularly showy. But it lives up to it’s name, and that’s enough.

Maybe tomorrow a monarch will deign to visit …



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2 responses to “Butterfly Bush Guests Include Wasp and Bird

  1. I planted 3 butterfly bushes in our yard—just for the butterflys, but am sad to report that there just is not the activity on them this summer like there was–and has been–in the past. But perhaps the fall will treat us to more visits.

    I fill our flowergardens every summer with the types of flowers that the Monarchs and other butterflies love, and while I don’t have the marvelous camera that you do, I do try to get close enough with my little SnapShot Cannon digital camera to capture what I can.

    Such simple fun, but the best kind.

    Hope you capture the shots you want.

  2. Those are some great shots. I got some good ones just the other week. I use instagram as i am not a professional.

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