Tune For Tuesday is Melting in the Dark

All the sweet green icing flowing down …

I used a “water weasel,” a kind of child’s toy sprinkler, to water selected sections of my yard Monday. No, I’m not trying to make the grass green—it can stay brown and dormant until the drought eases. But, my hose watering has mostly benefited the youngest of my trees, those planted this year, and the new plants in my gardens.

The drought has gone on so long that moderate-sized trees are showing stress. The tulip tree, a large-looking tree at around 25 feet tall, but still a youngster in tree-age terms, is turning yellow.

That may not be a terrible sign—one survival strategy that native North American trees employ is to check out early on a drought year—to go dormant for the long winter sleep in summer and hope for better times next year. Still, it’s hard to tell dormancy from death, and there’s a fine line in a drought such as this.

So the water weasel was making a few selected regions of my yard damp for the sake of adolescent trees, such as the tulip, some stressed bushes and sad-looking crab apples. My idea is to maybe do this once a week—because these larger trees have more capacity to survive than the little babies that get watered every other day, and because it just takes too darn much water to soak a region deeply so as to do trees of any size any good.

Anyway, the grandkids were over playing and running through the weasel. For some reason, that made Audrey and I think of MacArthur Park, which we sang snatches of. Ben was home from Ames for his between summer and fall interlude, and he’s never heard “MacArthur Park.”

Above is the “pure” version. It’s the sort of song that truly needs no remake, so of course the disco queen had to do one, below.  Ben, you must listen to both, and don’t cheat and check out early.  And yes, you can help Donna sing.  Here’s hoping that our sweet green icing will be flowing down soon, as we need some rain to leave our cakes out in …



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2 responses to “Tune For Tuesday is Melting in the Dark

  1. Cate Sheller

    Joe, you are an evil, evil man.

  2. At least Donna was a better singer!

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