A Baby Tomato on a Dry Day

Baby tomato

I first noticed this baby tomato Saturday when it was pea sized. It has doubled in size in one day. May it soon be joined by brother tomatoes on my vines!

Well, I ate the tomato from Cate’s garden (with her permission), and made also happy discovery.

Despite the drought, a little baby tomato is forming on one of my vines. I hope it’s the start of something, we’ll see.

Dry weather has descended on Iowa. There has been no rain in July, and we were already short on moisture.

I watered Friday morning and planned to this morning, but got a late start and didn’t water until this evening. Many of my plants were suffering, the peace lilies all droopy, the hydrangea bush in the new garden keeling over. The young trees are all OK, but several looked a little “wilty.”

It’s vicious dry out there, and no end in sight, yet. I watered, and left the hose out. Going to do a second drink tomorrow morning.

Well, here’s hoping that we’ll turn a weather corner soon. Think rain.

And tomatoes.


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