What’s Hot in the Garden? Well, Everything


Was some breeze to stir the flag at my house, good thing, given the heat!

The Fourth of July devolved in the afternoon into nap time, and I was one of the first to wake up, so I took my Nikon outside and decided to photograph what 100 degrees looks like.

Not sure it was really 100. It was upper 90s, anyway, with a heat index way above 100, but who’s counting? It was hot.

And, surprisingly, not so terribly bad as I expected. I water every other day, and the plants looks tired, warm, thirsty, but not in terrible distress, in general. Much more of this weather and we’ll get serious about a drought, but here’s hoping that change is coming.

Tomato in sun

Thirsty tomato plant on my back deck in hot afternoon sun.

Anyway, I tried to get some living things, and got some cool, I think, bird pictures. The small brown one might be living in one of our birdhouses.


Birdhouse resident? Not too happy to see me …

Hope you enjoy these images. I’m being careful these days not to post too many large images on this blog, as I’m approaching my memory limit, but here are more images from my hot garden.

Happy Fourth, and I hope you’re staying cool!

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2 responses to “What’s Hot in the Garden? Well, Everything

  1. Your photography is always beautiful.

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