MMU Graduation Day 1: Ringing in the ‘Hood

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The three-day whirlwind of graduation events is underway at MMU. It’s always a bittersweet time—you work with students in hopes of launching them into the world and seeing the great things they do, but then the time comes and you really don’t want to say goodbye.

But, here we are.

The first event today was the hooding ceremony for graduating graduate students. There were more than 50 in four programs so the ceremony has outgrown its traditional venue, the chapel, and was held in the gym.

Which is not air conditioned, but sure could have used it today.

It made me glad that I’m not in the graduate faculty and only had to look nice—no robes. I was with the MMU bell choir, and this was our final event of the school year.

The hooding and reception afterwards were done well, as far as I could tell. It look only about an hour to have five speeches and more than 50 hoods. We rang with the choir, and did a kind of cool marching entrance by memorizing just one measure that we played again and again.

We don’t know for sure who among our ringers will be back. Several are launching into the world as part of the class of 2012 and don’t yet know where they are landing.

Well, good luck graduating graduates and maturing bell ringers. And we’ll see many of you yet at other events Saturday and Sunday.

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