A Word About Creativity

Art student in Stello

Art student, one of the Times editors, takes photos in Stello Hall in Warde. She hadn’t been in Stello before.

I followed an MMU student around this afternoon as she was taking some photos for the Mount Mercy Times.

She is an art student, and I downloaded her images when she was done. The images are pretty good, they are part of a project that the editors envisioned for the final issue to the Times this semester.

I’m looking forward to the results, and I hope it’s as cool as their ideas.


Student shoots images of MMU campus.

It’s been an interesting week. A strong team has emerged to lead the paper next year, some current staff members, some new, some new to Mount Mercy.

It made me consider, today, where creativity comes from. I can’t say that I know the answer, except that it comes, partly, from new connections, new people, new experiences.

I saw other examples of it earlier this week, at Scholarship Day. I attended two sessions, one a presentation by communication students about “Greenwashing,” and the next a reading of elections from “Paha,” the Mount Mercy annual literary magazine.

Mount Mercy speeches

Three MMU communication students–Enrique, Jennifer and Ryan–speak about Greenwashing, marketing that claims environmental benefits.

Where do all their ideas come from? For the most part, it seemed they came from experience. Students took their own understanding of their own experiences and somehow created them anew.

Today, I saw a presentation of video that was spliced together in creative layers, a combination of old movie clips in some new forms.

I am not sure I could explain it or make total sense of it, but it was cool.

It was like watching an art student intent on her photography. And knowing something creative is going on.

Grotto flowers.

Flowers in the Grotto, Warde Hall in background. I was shooting a few creative images of MMU, too.


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2 responses to “A Word About Creativity

  1. jenion

    You’ve hit on one of the reasons I enjoy the Scholarship Festival so much – students experiencing passion and creativity about ideas and knowledge.

  2. The other blessed thing about that word/notion of creativity is that it keeps those of us keenly interested in the pursuit of it—doing just that. Pursuing. I consider this a fine thing. 😉

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