What I Did This Weekend

Ant on a poeny

Ant on a just-blooming peony. These are the frilly, early ones, the "regular" peonies are still weeks away. It does feel odd to have peonies before May, though.

I mowed and put in new solar lights on Saturday. Plus, I planted some grass seed.

That doesn’t sound like much, but Saturday was mostly gone by the time I was done—barely time to quickly snap some flower photos before the day was spent. But, I had to snap those photos, because, ta-da! Peony day—the early peonies are opening.

Saturday night was church with grandkids and then track breakfast at MMU and then a nap to recover from the grandkids—then a bike ride which I shouldn’t have taken. I texted my sisters to ask if she wanted to come along an she said “can’t, buried in grading.”

Sister, I know the feeling.

So then, after a two-hour bike ride, I graded. And how I’m posting flower photos. Tomorrow looks like another long, dreary, grading Monday.

Oh well, at least the peonies are starting to bloom!  Early tulips and daffodils are finishing, but I have such a variety that they are still going strong.  And the new lights are so strong they actually stayed lit all night, which is a bit bizarre for solar lights.  Photo gallery of what I saw Saturday after I was done with my day of gardening.


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2 responses to “What I Did This Weekend

  1. Cate Sheller

    Joe, I was sorry I couldn’t bike, but when I left for choir practice last night and stopped to buy gas, I was glad I didn’t. That wind was wicked!

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