Ugarte, Is He Ron Paul?

The political news today for some reason reminds me of this scene from Casablanca.  The conservatives don’t want this outcome, they have their letters of transit, but in the the end are left shouting for help from Rick that never comes.

The snarky German officer must be the GOP establishment. The guy at the end, “I hope you’ll be more helpful,” is the Tea Party.

But for Rick, it’s all over. He won’t be leaving Casablanca. Mitt Romney gets the GOP Party (the beautiful girl who had an affair with Rick) and leaves on the plane for Portugal.  Rick stays behind with Capt. Renault, who must be, I suppose, Tim Pawlenty.

Romney flies off with Ilsa to to Lisbon, where, no doubt, he’ll be slaughtered by Socialists. Obama, you know.

Anyway, it’s a sad day in American politics. The strangest GOP campaign since Sarah Palin tried to pretend she could be Vice President has come to a screeching halt.

I hope that the illness of his young child wasn’t too much of a factor for the former Senator. That, to me, is a poignant note in the whole story, and I hope, along with much of the nation, that little Bella gets healthy.

However, I note that Rick Santorum exited the race at Gettysburg. His rebel Army was up against Romney’s Yankee Hordes, and it looked like the battle was going to get bloody and ugly and Rick’s presidential dreams would expire on the battlefield of Pennsylvania, the same state that pushed him out of the Senate.

Well, to me, Rick Santorum was always a bit of an odd choice. He was an unelectable nominee. He liked to compare himself with Reagan, but Reagan was a warm personality, a cheerleader, a man even his opponents could listen to. He sounded like warm honey or your favorite uncle.

Rick Santorum was Darth Vader or your least favorite high school gym teacher—nasal, tough, manly, a true jerk. Now he’s gone. In a way, I’ll miss him. The Mitt Machine, despite the presences of two non-candidates still in the race, can now focus on Obama.

And Obama can focus on Romney.

In the end, it’s the economy. If it stumbles, Mitt’s got a chance. But last fall, I stated my belief, and events this season so far have not shaken my mind.

Obama will be a two-term president.

And the political circus is going to be less entertaining as the clowns exit the ring.

Rick Santorum

New York Times photo by Jim Wilson shows Rick Santorum in happier days in Ames Iowa during his successful campaign to win the Iowa caucuses. See story here.

And of course, a final Rick tribute:


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