Lucky 13 Garden Photos for St. Patrick’s Day


St. Pat's Daffodil, with ants and hovering bee.

While some of the day was frustrating—it proved impossible to find pieces we needed for kayak rack on top of our new van—I had, overall, a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.  None of it the contrived American green holiday, either, but I did get outside on this freakishly warm day and enjoy the emerald of newly greening Iowa.

Highlights of my day:

  • A morning bike ride with Mr. T.  I have a flat tire, so while the ladies (Audrey and Nikayla went to dance class) were gone, I used Audrey’s bike and towed Tristan along the bike trail in Marion that starts at Boyson Road.  He was delighted, and so was I.  It was a nice fun activity for the morning after “Pinkalicious” at Mount Mercy, which we took the two grandchildren to, and which they thoroughly enjoyed.
  •  A kayak adventure with Ben and Nicole.  Ben, and his girlfriend Nicole, are home for the second half of spring break.  Sans rack, we loaded the kayaks in the new van and used it and the Beetle to go to Kent Park in Johnson County.  While the water was freakishly cold and the conditions a bit windy, making the lake choppy, it was still a wonderful way to while away a hot July afternoon in March.  Photos from Facebook.
  • Flowers galore!  Crocus are busting out all over.  Daffodils and hyacinth are just getting started.  Early tulips are in bloom.  The little patches of bulbs I planted at the bases of our smaller trees are all coming up nicely.  The crab apples are starting to leaf out and will bloom soon.  Buds are swollen on the big red bud tree.  The catalpa that I was worried was dead is showing buds and is clearly happy.  I planted some catalpa seeds in my Arbor Day trees, and now have a small forest of Shamrocks—baby catalpa looks like 4-leaf clovers, apparently.  Lots of nice dashes of green this St. Patty’s Day.

Well, there you have it.  I have a ton of work to occupy me the rest of this weekend, but this half-Irish boy doesn’t mind playing hooky this fine hot Iowa day.  And as promised, 13 images of the green of the day, on my Flickr photos.

Baby catalpa

Baby catalpa sprouting--looking like shamrocks.



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3 responses to “Lucky 13 Garden Photos for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Pat

    My crocuses are about done, daffodils, striped squill, and the lawn Siberian squill are starting. Driving over to Mimi’s I saw forsythia and magnolia in bloom. The bulbs I didn’t plant last fall and finally planted in late February are actually coming up; I didn’t manage to kill them.

    • crgardenjoe

      Well, cool. Our magnolia is about to burst but on it bloom yet, but some in town are. Forsythia definitely blooming. My crocus are generally not done yet, but reaching peak and some are past it. I have many different kinds of tulips and daffodils, some are in bloom but many still coming on.

  2. Great pictures I just love Spring!

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