So What Did You Get For Christmas?


Jon takes Boxing Day portrait of Nikayla, Nina and Amelia.

This Christmas, I thought a lot about Amanda and Ben, a third of the way around the globe this holiday season. I’m glad that Ben went over there, and Amanda wrote a cute blog post that describes her Christmas experience.

Christmas this year in Iowa was nice. We had a big gathering Christmas Eve, Mass Christmas morning and a spades tourney between Audrey, Jon, Nalena and I that ended badly for the Joe and Audrey team.

Jon and Nalena got Audrey and me our own Kindles, so I can finally read the Brothers Karamazov, a book I had started and lost. Sadly, I don’t think “Love in the Time of Cholera” will be as easy to get on Kindle, but many books will be—and you can borrow library books via Kindle, something I’ll look forward to learning to do.

Audrey got me a bunch of bike stuff that I wrote about on my other blog. And a field guide to birds of Iowa, which I am already using on the crowds of feathered frenzied feeders attracted to the seed supply in my back yard.

It was particularly nice to have Jon and Nalena here form Seattle, and Nina took a few day s off of her job in Omaha, which made for a nice visit of several days.

The family gathered in a planned reunion on Christmas Eve, and a more spontaneous gathering on Boxing Day. The season featured a fun fete at Cate’s for many Shellers, and the Schultz gathering is still coming up.

And Jon got our office computer working and made pumpkin ice cream, too.

All in all, a very Merry Christmas. Hope your day was merry and bright even if, like Iowa, your Christmas was brown instead of white!

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