Feeling Rakish This Saturday

Pear tree

Pear tree leaves in my backyard today.

Yesterday, Ben and I completed a chore that had been done several times, but never completely.

Raking leaves.

I’ve cleared off the front several times, but had never finished the back yard. Which is OK, because there is a giant maple back there that holds, by itself, about as many leaves as the over 25 trees—including 4 mature oaks and 2 mature ashes—hold all together. So doing a full rake until that tree was done dumping didn’t rank high on my to-do gardening list.

Faded petunia

Faded petunia in deck planter.

But, we’ve had our first snow, which quickly melted, and our first night where the temperature dipped below 20 degrees. Our long, slow, pleasant fall is inevitably reaching the bare stage where the earth and trees are one in brown, and you can look into normally dense woods and see the shapes of the hills.

It was a big job, but we bought a second big rake and made short work of it.

Bird tea

Fallen leaves make tea out of birdbath.

A few more leaves are yet to fall, as you can see from these photos of the pears, young oak and dogwood that still cling to this year’s foliage. Fundamentally, though, the trees are barren.

Last green.

Dogwood leaves still have a little green.

Gardening is pretty much over for the year. Fall bulbs are planted, a few key plants covered in mulch and the yard as raked as its going to be until spring.

I was holding a grandson today who likes walks outside, so we went to the back yard to inspect the late fall scenery. Here are a few images from today that show that even in this bare time of year, there is a quiet kind of beauty to see in the gardens. Still, I’ll look forward to seeing how many of the multitude of bulbs planted this fall turn into spring flowers.


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