Rick Perry, Too Lazy to be President


Barack Obama is vulnerable.  The economy is not so hot, federal spending seems out of control, his biggest policy of his first term—his health care plan—is a regular punching bag for Republican opponents.

But if this the best the GOP has, Obama is a two-term president.

Take, for instance, the latest Rick Perry ad that has been aired way too much in recent days in Iowa:

Jeez.  What a stupid, cheap shot.  The slow-talking non-slick performer from Texas clearly has a brain too lazy to qualify him for our nation’s highest office.  The fact is, Obama was saying that America has not promoted itself vigorously enough as an exporter in Asia.  His remarks were not a criticism of America in general or its workers.

Based on this, Rick Perry is too intellectually lazy not to grab for the cheap shot. Republicans, cross him off your list.   Look, we elected one dumb former Texas governor at least once (maybe twice, but I think he stole it in 2000) and got, besides a bloated federal security bureaucratic monster,  the economic mess that Obama still hasn’t dug us out of.  The financial crash that caused our current mess was in 2008—when Bush, one of the worst presidents in modern American history, was still vaguely occupying the Oval Office with no idea what to do with it.

The rest of the Rick Perry ad, after the cheap-shot out-of-context quote of Obama, is mostly stupid rambling.  OK, the balanced budget amendment is a serious proposal—wrong, I think, for lots of reasons—but at least a serious idea.

But “cut Congress’ pay?”  If they don’t do their job which, apparently, is do whatever President Perry wants?  What power does Perry think the president has over Congressional pay?

And “Obama’s socialist policies?”  No, Obama is not socialist anymore than he’s Kenyan.  And you, Mr. Perry,  just look  dumb using that kind of ignorant mislabeling.  Just because the nattering nabobs of right wing lunacy on Fox say it, it doesn’t mean you have to be silly enough to repeat it, Rick.

I freely confess that as a registered Democrat I’m pretty primed to vote again for Obama anyway.  But I still want the Republicans to run a reasonable candidate, a woman or man who, if elected, would make a competent president.

And this ad, to me, is just one more nail in your Texas-sized coffin, Ricky boy.  You are not a potentially competent president.  As an Iowan, here is my reaction to your ad:  I’m already sick of you.  Please, go back to Texas.

And GOP?  Let’s get real.  Act like you might be picking the next president, because you might.


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