500 Daffodils Later, A New Grandchild

Nikayla and Audrey

Audrey's birthday party--oldest granddaughter Nikayla helps blow out the candles. Meanwhile, in England, Amanda is delivering another granddaughter. I"m sure Audrey would say: Winning!

A bit more than two years ago, the day Elizabeth Ava was born, we were in a Wal-Mart in Ames, Iowa.

Wasting time, hoping for a phone call, buying flower bulbs.

As luck would have it, Elizabeth Ava came into the world so late in the evening that we had to head home to Cedar Rapids before we got to see her. Still, I thought about Miss Elizabeth as I planted those bulbs two years ago.

This year I had an even crazier planting fall. For some silly reason, we ordered a plethora of bulbs from a wholesale catalog, which meant three long, back-testing planting sessions over two weekends which finally ended today, with the final tulips and daffodils being laid to rest along the top of our rock wall.

It was Audrey’s birthday. And also Juliet’s.

Juliet Sophia Moscou was born today in Norwich England on her maternal grandmother’s birthday. It easily is the best birthday present Audrey has had. Through the miracle of the modern internet, we’ve already seen mother and baby at home, looking both tired and elated.

Two may tulips

Two tulips from my garden this May. 500 more are in the ground, along with 500 daffodils, 500 crocus and 100 grape hyacinth. Seems like a fitting way to celebrate a new granddaughter!

So, to me both of Amanda’s daughters are somehow inexorably linked with the fall planting of spring flowers. Well, they would be connected to the plant world. I envy Audrey, who in 10 days flies to England to see her newest granddaughter, although plans are for both of us to go again in spring.

When Juliet’s bulbs will be popping up with their first flowers, with any luck I’ll be seeing her in person. That will be nice. Welcome to this crazy life, Juliet, and remember—a rose by any other name is still nice to have in your garden, and it’s even nicer to have a granddaughter with a name from Shakespeare.


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One response to “500 Daffodils Later, A New Grandchild

  1. Cindy

    What a beautiful name! Audrey is so lucky to share her birthday with her newest granddaughter!

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