Crazy Fall Planting Day Has Arrived

Donnelly Roses

Roses near the side entrance to the Donnelly Center, MMU.

When I got home Friday, the box of doom was awaiting. It’ didn’t look huge, but I know that is has more than 1,000 flower bulbs in it, and I know that my extensive need for hours to do homework this weekend (that’s right kids, like many college professors, a lot of my weekend is spent grading or prepping, so it if makes you feel any better, the pain I inflict on you is shared).

I’m glad to do some fall bulb planting. It’s almost always rewarding. Not all of the bulbs I plant will sprout, but from experience I know that enough will that I will be looking forward to more bursts of color this spring.

As for fall, it is 27 degrees this morning in Cedar Rapids. We’ve had some frosts already, but I think this is the one that’s really going to kill all the morning glories and start to convince even the mums that life as we know it means hunkering down in the roots.


Roses in the front "wall" garden at my house.

At both the MMU campus and my house, several rose bushes have had a very nice late season bloom. Here are photos of a few of them before the cold fall takes them away.

The nap bear

The nap bear

And the final image? The bear? It ended up in my office after the Times open house. Audrey claims she’s going to get it because she wants a prize for one of her classes. I, on the other hand, don’t mind it where it is. Several times a week, for only about 20 minutes each time, I “measure my futon,” which means I take a nap. And yes, now I have a nap bear. If I can hide it from Audrey .

I’ll update you later on Project Crazy People Fall Planting Day. And 10 trees are still to arrive from the Arbor Day Foundation!


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  1. crgardenjoe

    Update: Sad to say the nap bear went away. Audrey was sweet and delivered a lunch to me one day, and now the bear is missing. It must state something about my priorities that I’m OK with that ….

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