Last Day Fun from Lizzie

Well, man she didn’t have a dreadful flight, and she’s back in the UK, not the USSR.

Miss Lizzie (and her mom Amanda) were fun to have for a few August weeks, and it seemed too soon that they were gone. But we’ve heard that the return journey went well—which, considering some of their travel sagas, is a refreshing change.

But, Amanda should write about the journey.

I’ll write about play time. As Amanda packed, I encouraged Miss Elizabeth Ava to come to the backyard.

I didn’t have to encourage very much. Our back deck and backyard both seem to be pretty grandchild attractive.

Of all the grandchildren, Nikayla is the most active “swinger.” Both Lizzie and her contemporary cousin Tristan like to swing, but they don’t have the swing fever that Nikayla has and had a year ago when she was their age.

For some reason, though, on this last U.S. morning, Lizzie was dizzy for swinging and started to giggle. I decided to videotape her as I pushed her, and, as you can see on the video, she suddenly got more serious. Have to be more careful when the camera is on you, I guess.

Next, Lizzie invented the running game. It consisted of running round the slide unit of the swing set, and doing a happy yell or scream when you passed through the swings. The main rule is that after each orbit, you have to stop and look meaningfully at any nearby grandparent, whom you expect to do the same before you repeat.

It was just interesting to see this little girl create a sequence of behavior that had to be shared and repeated.

Lizzie invented a second circuit shortly thereafter. It involved climbing the hill from lower to upper yard, descending the stairs and then running down the hill. Again, it was repeated often, but only after she had me do the circuit, too. That’s the version of the running game that I caught on video.

I note, as usual, that there are some bad typos on the captions and credit of this video. I have not perfected the art of copyediting in video editing software—I guess I just don’t see the letters well enough in Movie Maker. Well the miracle is that I get anything at all done in that awkward, goofy program, I guess.

Anyway, glad you made it back home, Amanda and Lizzie. Your dad and granddad misses you already. I’ll be anxious for spring break to come this year when Audrey and I can make our journey to Norwich.

And, totally unrelated aside to completely break the emotional mood, here is a link to some other cool yard images I’ve captured recently.



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4 responses to “Last Day Fun from Lizzie

  1. I love the sound she makes running down the hill!

    • crgardenjoe

      Sound was a definite part of both games–either yelling as you pass the swings or “yodeling” or whatever you call it as you go down the hill.

  2. We missed this post the first time around because of jet lag and computers that wouldn’t connect to the internet. But when we watched it this morning Lizzie loved the video. Her comment was, “LIzzie! More more! Yeah! Lizzie do!” So I think two thumbs up from one young reviewer.

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