Luck be a Lady? Or a Random Sequence?


Lucky day, a done puzzle! Wait, Ben started working on it first. Shucks.

Is today your lucky day? Did you wish upon a lucky star? Is luck a lady?

I am not sure what luck is. I don’t have a strong hang up on fate. I do believe what has gone well in my life is sometimes a result of careful preparation and hard work—but a great deal of what has happened to me just happens.

I’m on the edge of 53 and healthy. Sure I bike and otherwise exercise, but I also take in way too many calories and many of the wrong calories. Luck or fate?

I have what I think is a healthy marriage and decent family life. But, why did I meet and fall in love with Audrey? I don’t think there was much destiny or fate there, and it seems to be a fair amount of random events that added up well.

Still, knock on wood. I feel I’ve lived a lucky life. Not all has gone well, but overall much of it has gone well enough. “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.”

I consider myself a fairly rational person. I don’t believe in ghosts, for example. Not that I reject the idea of an afterlife or spirits, but I don’t believe the dead interact directly with us.

Yet, I do engage in some superstitious practices. I try to do the crossword puzzle almost daily. My oldest daughter originated the idea of the “crossword wish” and the idea that you gain some luck karma by completing the puzzle. In her conception of the idea, if two collaborate, they share some luck but more luck is gained by a solo effort.

Really? Do I believe in crossword karma? Well, no, but you still feel luckier when the puzzle is done.

And the other day, I was looking outside on the back deck. There he was, a male hummingbird at the feeder. I snapped a few photos, but when I tried to slide open a door for a better look, well, he was quickly gone, speeding away fast like a hummingbird.

When I downloaded, though, one of the three photos I snapped did at least did show the bird.

How lucky.

Humming bird

Here then gone, hummingbird at the back feeder. Lucky shot.



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2 responses to “Luck be a Lady? Or a Random Sequence?

  1. Anne

    Re ghosts: 233 3rd Ave. South.

    • crgardenjoe

      I’ve heard lots of family lore about our rental in Clinton, but have no direct experiences in my memory that suggests it was truly a haunted house. Odd noises, sure. Sheets inexplicably ripped, well, ripped cloth usually has physical causes. Strange sightings? Late at night when the line between awake/asleep/dreaming is pretty thin and shadows and movements are easily misinterpreted, how reliable is the sighting? I recall seeing monsters in my youth, I really saw them, but they weren’t really there. And six girls ranging from ages 4 to 15 all living in marginal housing packed together at a stressful time for the family–things that go bump in the night, in my experience, are more often from my own mind than an external reality, and my mind is not a terribly reliable interpreter of late-night experience now, let alone what it was like when I was 8. Personally, I saw no ghosts at 233 3rd Ave. South. It was a spooky, creaky, creepy old house in a crappy, noisy neighborhood, and I didn’t like it, but was it anything more than that?

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