Bye & The Elusive Bird That Hums

Packed for RAGBRAI

Discovered on a hot training ride this week that camel pack and cooler like to ride together in front basket and get along well--and I can still drink without massive sweat zone on my back. Awesome. See you on the other side of RAGBRAI!

I don’t often see hummingbirds—years have gone by between sightings. I think they may have been more common in California—I do recall seeing some there in my youth. Until this year in Iowa, the sightings have been few and far between.

As you know, I saw one earlier this year in my foxglove.

This week, while watering my sister’s garden, I spied another one at her house. The cool thing was it actually flew to a tree and sat—rarer than seeing a hummingbird is seeing one sitting still. Not for long—I could not even unholster my camera before she (definitely she) took off again, but to see a hummingbird sitting still, well, cool.

Anyway, I’m on vacation sans computer for a bike ride with Jon across Iowa. See you, by blog fans, on the other side! In the meantime, check out the awesome blog by my daughter. It’s awesome.


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