Catalpa Saga Continues: Tree 2 Takes Over


The finished planting, backup Catalpa tree in yard. Red tub is for yard waste, blue bucket brought water, yellow trowel was the instrument of planting.

I planned to camp out last night—to test our tent and my camping abilities. With Audrey’s help, I managed to get the tent up and dozed there for a few hours.

Now it’s 5 a.m. and I’m writing a blog post.

Anyway, partly to get ready for the camping adventure, I did some yard work yesterday—it’s been a couple of week since I mowed in back, but the lawn is so shady and the weather has been so dry that it’s not very shaggy. Still, what with the impressive storm we had last week, there was a lot of wood on the ground, so raking and disposing of all the sticks before mowing took some time.

Also disposed of two dead trees—the plum in the southwest corner by the swing set, and the Catalpa at the east end of the lower yard.

The plum, a cheap Wal-Mart purchase, I didn’t care that much about, although I may plant an Ironwood in its place. The Catalpa I worked hard to germinate from a seed and accidently nuked with weed killer this summer, so yeah, I regretted its demise more. (The plum died last year of causes unknown, as far as I can tell, I’m totally innocent in its death.)

Mimi has offered a volunteer Catalpa from her yard, which is nice, but I’m not sure when or how I will collect. When I do, assuming Mimi’s tree is bigger and healthier, I’ll probably move Catalpa 2 behind the fence and have a new Catalpa 1, but we’ll see.

I am glad that Catalpa 2, the backup tree from a nearby garden, is still alive. It was also damaged in the infamous lawn spraying incident, but although its upper leaves were knocked off, the tree has re-sprouted and takes over as the new Catalpa 1. I moved it today from the garden into the designated Catalpa spot in my yard. Maybe it will bloom in 10 years, if it lives that long.

Here’s hoping!

New Catalpa

The new baby Catalpa, which had been the backup tree in my garden, moved to the yard. I think I got it's entire root intact in a ball of dirt, so it's got a good chance--mulched it and caged it to keep bunnies at bay after taking this photo.


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