Tree of Hope is on the Way

My MMU trees

Trees that I'm growing in my office to transplant home--three thriving Ironwood, one dead crab apple and one crab apple with a new shoot.

Not just the promised Catalpa from my sister in Davenport—which I owe her an Iowa lily for—there is other good tree news to report.

I dug up some root sappers from crab apple trees near Warde Hall that I like, in the hopes of getting such a tree started in my own forest—formerly known as “backyard.”

As you can see, the crab apples did not fare as well as the Ironwoods that I also planted to be guarded and tended by office gnomes. But even though most of both crab apples died, one sent up a new shoot. Just about a week ago, I accidentally knocked that shoot off when closing my window, which I thought was the end of the root sappers.

Hope springs eternal. This photo is from this morning. Clearly, the crab apple tree root sapper is the Hillary Clinton campaign of the tree world—you may think it dead, but it keeps coming back. Lets hope the long-term prognosis for this little tree (which, unlike the Ironwoods that will likely go behind my fence, actually already has a designated spot in my backyard grove) is better than the campaign.

Gnomes, work your magic! Grow little tree, grow!

The crab apple

Closer look at baby crab apple. The full-sized tree has reddish leaves and is fairly large for a crab apple. three of them grown in a group near Warde Hall.


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