The Words In My Clouds

An MMU colleague, Emily Muhlbach, wrote a post on her Pitches and Glitches blog about a site—— where you can create a word cloud by either entering a block of text or URL.

What fun!

Here is the cloud for this blog:

Here is the cloud for my bike ( blog:

Here is the cloud for the Gettysburg Address:

Here is a cloud for the Hiawatha Advocate, a news source that’s a web site now, but will become a newspaper soon:

Hmm. I’m not sure what it all adds up to, but it is cool. I note the words seem simpler on my bike blog, and more focused—but that’s not a big surprise, since I tend to write longer entries on this blog on any topic, while the bike blog is pretty biking specific.

I don’t see a lot of overlap—no “favorite” words that seem to pop up on both, although I would expect “seem” and “but” to be two of them. But, it seems, I don’t always know my own writing.

I commented to Emily that the site apparently just searches the first page. Still, it is cool.

What are your word clouds?



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3 responses to “The Words In My Clouds

  1. Awesome idea to try it on the Gettysburg Address!

  2. Cate

    I made one based on the birthday song I wrote for you & Brigid last year. It’s been on my mind because Erin visited us this weekend, and she played “Ode to Joy” on the piano. A lot. I don’t know how to post pictures here, though.

  3. crgardenjoe

    Oh, send it to me and I’ll try to post it. “Ode to Joy” is the only song I can sort of halfway play on the piano, too!

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