Climb Mt. Everest, Anyone?

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest, photo taken in 2007 and displayed on flickr on Rupert Taylor-Price's photostream.

My daughter Amanda noted that I’ve taken, in recent years, to doing “active” things with my kids, one at a time.

Two years ago, Theresa and I ran the Bix. This year, Jon and I are doing RAGBRAI.

In a Facebook message, Amanda said she wants to sign up for something soon before climbing Mt. Everest is the only option left. I told her that when we come across the pond to England next March, she and I can swim the channel.

I think she was amused.

Seriously, though, I’ll never climb Everest. I don’t like heights. And I won’t swim the English Channel in March (or any month). What might I do? What daredevil feats might Amanda, Katy, Nina or Ben attempt with me?

• Nina and I could do a 50-mile, two-day hike on the Appalachian Trail. Since it’s with Nina, we’ll both wear 6-inch spike heels.
• I’m not sure what Katy and I should try. Maybe a roller derby? Somehow, hanging with Tristan seems like such a daredevil activity anyway, Katy and I may have already earned our stripes.
• Ben I have kayaked before—some nautical challenge? White water rafting?
• And that still leaves Amanda. Everest is out and so is the channel. Maybe we’ll wait until she’s back in the U.S. in a few years and then we’ll sneak across the border to Mexico and pick avocados.

I do like Amanda’s idea of doing a “thing” with each of the kids, and even though I’ve moved up from the Bix to RAGBRAI, I don’t think each activity has to trump the previous one. So, kids and blog fans, what would some appropriate, do-able challenges be for a pudgy late middle-aged guy and his young adult children? The Bix and RAGBRAI have either been done or will be soon, so what is next?


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5 responses to “Climb Mt. Everest, Anyone?

  1. Hmm, I’m all for sneaking across borders, although Lizzie and NewBaby might not appreciate having a mom in jail… The Appalachian hike is totally doable, although I don’t recommend the heels so much. You could go rafting or canoeing up in the boundary waters. I guess there’s always half marathons or the Living History Farms race (supposed to be nice and muddy). I’m not exactly jumping at the running challenges, though… (Maybe because I’m pregnant so walking to the library and back seems like good enough exercise for one day. 🙂 )

  2. crgardenjoe

    Maybe we’ll have to pick a less intense border–sneak from Belgium into Holland, or something. Running challenge might not work–knees are telling me that these days I’m more of a biker than a runner. Hmmmm. Don’t know, Amanda, the options aren’t popping up in my mind–maybe Everest is just there.

  3. Cate

    I’m thinking you and Amanda should try Clown College. A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants – and then there’s all those creepy clowns. Next best thing to zombies (and no doubt there’s an overlap on the Venn Diagram).

    Hey, remember the Saturday outings with Daddy? They didn’t last long, but they stick out big time as highlights of my childhood. Daddy always took me to the zoo, then lunch at the Little Red Pancake House.

    • crgardenjoe

      I don’t have as clear a memory of the Saturday outings, but I do recall them–and my memory is the same outing, sans the pancakes. Not that we didn’t do lunch, but my memory is going to the zoo….

  4. Anne

    Mallory rests on Everest
    Beneath a cairn of stones.
    Irvine sleeps out cold and far.
    The mountain keeps his bones.

    The Mother Godess of the World
    Cold sister is to Death.
    She hurls her lovers from her flanks,
    Or steals away their breath.

    After reading “Ghosts of Everest” and “Into Thin Air”, I’ve no desire to climb that mountain. I’d like to get close enough to see it, though.

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