A Picture To Start the 2012 Campaign

Trump and Palin

May 31--two of the least interesting political figures in America get 15 minutes of fame for eating pizza together. Sigh. AP photo by Craig Ruttle, Seen on csmonitor.com.

What do you think? I think it’s Obama’s dream GOP ticket.

Seriously, however, whoever captures the Republican nomination next year has a decent chance of being president.

Republicans: Please. Don’t nominate either of these two. Even if such a move might make Obama’s nights more restful.

News media: Enough of the Palin tour to nowhere. If she runs, then cover her bus tours. But the “will she, won’t she” stories are taking up all the time and space on Good Morning America, and I would rather hear long extracts from Mitt Romney speeches than any more banter about whether the quitting ex-governor of Alaska turned “reality” TV star wants to run.

We’ve got serious issues to talk about. And neither Trump nor Palin add much to the discussion.


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