I Like Trees and Flowers of the Sac and Fox

Flowering Tree

A flowering tree, of some sort. Don't know what, but it was pretty. Mostly done flowering, but with a few clusters like this left--medium sized tree, in case any of my blog fans can identify it.

A year after the flood of 2008, I wrote in this blog about how the Sac and Fox Trail had been destroyed.

It’s definitely back. Rode there today, a trip I describe in my other blog.

Along the way, I enjoyed the beauty of the woods. I have a friend named Wally, an accomplished writer, who once said, in a disparaging remark about a proposed bike trail in Missouri, “if you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen them all.”


Plenty of white and purple wild phlox in bloom today.

Well, one Midwest woods looks at first glance like any other. And one walnut tree will have the same type of bark and leaves as the next. But, trees all have different life experiences reflected in the random pattern of their growth, and, when you get used to looking at trees, you discover that when you’ve seen one, you’ve only seen one.

I don’t even know what all these plants shown on this blog are. But I enjoyed them all. The trail was alive with deer, geese who appeared to be arguing about something, robins, cardinals, finches, bunnies and a very loud chorus of horny frogs. Although at times you could detect the odor of horse manure or rotting vegetation, most of the time the air was sweet with late spring scents—honeysuckle and honey locust perfuming the air. Woodsy nature phlox added splashes of purple and white. Indian Creek sang and laughed with the sound of water splashing down mini rapids.


Many honeysuckle in bloom, sweetly scenting the air.

Yeah, it was a grand day to view some flowers on the trail! If you have not been there recently, go soon.

And enjoy all the trees. Each and every one unique.


Dandelion in grass at the south end of the trail.

Dew on grass

The drops on wet grass sparkle in late afternoon sunshine.


Common flower, with giant leaves. The flower looks a little like Queen Anne's Lace, but I don't think that's what this plant is. Ideas?



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2 responses to “I Like Trees and Flowers of the Sac and Fox

  1. Anne

    I can’t tell what your “looks like Queen Anne’s Lace” flower is from the picture, but don’t even touch it. Queen Anne’s Lace is wid carrot, but a lot of its relatives are seriously poisonous. None kill at a touch, but some can cause skin irritation. Definitely don’t eat it.

  2. crgardenjoe

    Not to worry. I photograph from the trail and don’t try to play with the plants, but thanks for the word to the wise!

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