Columbine Shows June Is On the Way


Blue Columbine in front wall garden--have orangish red ones, too.

June isn’t busting out all over, but the gardens are starting to get a bit of early summer look to them—what survived the winter is growing robustly, the back yard is starting to “shade up” and helicopters are beginning to drift down from the huge maple that will bombard us in June.

Still a few tulips in bloom, and only the early Chinese peonies are flowering yet—but the first shift of lilacs is being taken over by the second shift (pink ones bloom later than blue and violet ones, and the miniature bush isn’t in bloom yet). Bluebells are in their prime, and the subtle sweet perfume of Lily-of-the-Valley is in the air.

And pretty Columbine are starting to bloom.

Foreshadowing of later garden news—the “rose that never blooms” from last year is covered in tiny flower buds! Well, good for Audrey for insisting that I not remove this bush. Roses are several weeks away—and Audrey and I plan to buy a better camera this summer. Maybe I’ll have it by the time roses bloom.

Making wish

"I make wish" she says, and blows the seeds all over the yard.


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