Say It Ain’t So, Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

From (not Fox!) the Mike man, with no plan to run.

Well, darn. I’m not a Republican—not now, anyway, although I honestly don’t think I’ve changed politically that much since the 1970s when I was a Republican; from my point of view, I didn’t decide to leave the party to join the Democrats, the party left me, a middle-of-the-road progressive conservative (how’s that for a label to unravel)—so it’s not my fight.

But I have to teach a class on the Iowa Caucuses next year, that that class got a little duller recently.

No, not so sad that The Donald isn’t in. He was always a clown car candidate anyway.

But I had a catchy political tagline ready to go, in case any political consultants wanted to promote a former Arkansas Governor. How would this be, set to a catchy tune, maybe with a cartoony parade led by an animated elephant: “Mike for President, Mike for President, Mike for President–I like Mike, you like Mike, we like Mike” …. Etc.

Thought, perhaps, maybe it’s been done.

I don’t agree a lot with Mike Huckabee. But, at least he seems like one conservative who’s not always “mad dog” about it. He stands where he stands, but he doesn’t hate the world.

He can speak intelligently off the cuff, something many politicians need to learn. I even like this not-running tagline: “All the factors say go, but my hearts says no.” Not great poetry, but OK.

Many conservatives—Sarah Palin seems one example—seem constantly angry or whiney about something.

Well, I’ll not get diverted by Sarah. To be fair, even if she is unable to articulate a thoughtful position on any political question—name the issue, Sarah will spout the empty political platitude of the right for you—it’s also true she does have a lot of be angry about. As does Hillary Clinton. Our politics is not advanced enough to be very kind to female presidential candidates, yet.

Still, back to Mike. Dude, I will miss you. Course, since you’ve been on Fox News lately I’ve pretty much missed you all the time—but you at least seemed to think about things before you opened your mouth.

Many of those thoughts seemed deeply wrong to me, but you’re the kind of conservative that added something to the political discourse rather than making me feel as if discourse itself is coming to an end.

Yeah, I don’t like a lot of what Mike said. But, in a surprising way, it’s still true.

I like Mike. Not that I want him as president. For that, I kind of like Barack a whole lot more.

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