Seeking May Miracles, Or Just Good Luck

Gnomes guard young trees

Project Ironwood--three tiny Ironwood and 2 Crab Apple trees, none of which sprouted from the seeds I planted earlier. So it goes.

Project Ironwood update: Looks like wild success—especially since the 2 largest trees are crab apples, not Ironwood.

Well, it’s a fake. I dug up some seedlings that has sprouted in the rocks around mama Ironwood, and for good measure added some root sappers from the mulch at the base of a trio of attractive, and large, Crab Apple trees near MMU’s Warde Hall.

A member of the family had some recent bad news—she’s battling cancer and will require surgery. Not good news, although not all bad news, either, since the signs are positive—apparently so positive that no follow-up treatment should be needed after the surgery.

Still. Send healing vibes and prayers the way of Paulette, a sweet lady who deserves only the best.

When I’m down, I plant. I’m a little down today—thanks to a broken spoke and the weight of grading.

Still, I had a good grading day yesterday, and graded more papers before taking a tree-planting lunch break today. I don’t exactly need a May miracle, but some nice May luck, with multiple grandbabies awaiting birth, a dog nearing the point where she will be eased off the planet, a sister-in-law facing surgery, and a spoke (see my other blog) that broke—well, it was time to plant something.

I need a little growing. A little cheering up. A cosmic pep talk. When the next week finally fades into frenzied memory, when two babies due this month are safely keeping their moms awake at night and when medical professional have expertly and perfectly performed their craft—and after a few biking/kayaking outings with Audrey—well, I know things will be different and probably better.

Knock on wood. Which you can plant.

Hey, Paulette, if any of these trees live, I’d love to plant one or more for you in your yard. Heaven knows I’ve got no room in mine. Here’s thinking of you.

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