Triple Picture Tuesday: Warning, not Spider Safe


Viburnum, one of the new bushes in the "new" garden north of my house, is in full bloom.

It’s a beautiful, warm, summerlike day today, which is good.

It’s May 10, which is not quite as good. Despite my good intentions, I have a huge backlog of grading, so I’ll let the pictures mostly speak for themselves.

Still, it’s hard to be too grumpy with the world turning so pretty. Both my yard and MMU are greening up very nicely, and most of the trees are finally waking up and will be green soon. It appears most of my Arbor Day trees didn’t make it this time, and I have no Ironwood seedlings yet—but both Catalpa trees made it through the winter, and that’s something.


Young Redbud, like Viburnum planted last summer in "new" garden, in full bloom.

And, I know the spider will freak out one of my sisters, but yesterday, on a cloudy Monday, I thought this big gal was just interesting to see, looking like she’s floating on the clouds—the flying monster spider of doom? No, just a lady who made her home on the other side of a Lundy Commons window.

the flying spider

Watch out! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's superman? Or the flying spider? This spider built her web on the outside of a Lundy Commons window--probably not a good move since the windows do get washed. Still, she looked like she was flying May 9.

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