Peonies Prove Spring Is Here As I Post First Garden Flowers


Frilly peonies, traditional ones are coming up too. Spring is here!

I missed the first round of crocuses in my garden, which bloomed while we were in Seattle, but worked for a while today cleaning the leaf thatch from the gardens and saw many more flowers.

Crocus, of course, but a few others, including hyacinth and snowdrops. There are also a few early once that clearly I did plant, but just as clearly I can’t identify anymore. Such is gardening.

Anyway, any words of mine would be redundant, so enjoy the garden images. Although they aren’t much to look at yet, I’m particularly pleased to see the frilly early peonies coming back—when you start to see peonies coming up, it really feels like spring is taking hold. True, there are always frosts after the peonies start, but also true, the ground has to have started to warm up before they will show themselves.

Happy early Iowa spring!

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2 responses to “Peonies Prove Spring Is Here As I Post First Garden Flowers

  1. Pat

    The blue-and-white early flower looks like striped squill. (Six petals, white with a pale blue stripe down the middle.) The blue flower with the white heart looks like glory-of-the-snow. (I have planted both in my front lawn, and have enjoyed their flowers the last few weeks.)

  2. crgardenjoe

    I think you’re right on both counts. They must have been part of a package of spring bulbs I ordered from Breck’s or somewhere–have not bought either seperately, but they and snowdrops are nice additions, along with crocus, to early spring blooming.

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