Life From On High When You Fear Falling

Bridge over I-5

Walking over I-5 in Seattle. Way, way over I-5.

I had my picture taken with a cutout of John Wayne in Vancouver, Canada. But I’m not John Wayne, not a he-man at all.

There’s plenty in this world I’m scared of. Wasps. Badly cooked tofu. Flat bike tires. Sarah Palin.

But, high up on my primordial fear list, right alongside “fear of flying,” is “fear of heights.”

I’m not paralyzed by it. When need be, I can climb a ladder. But I would prefer to avoid roller coasters. Why ratchet yourself way up in the air and then free-fall?

Fancy fish

Fancy fish at Seattle Aquarium.

Well, today I had to face my fear of heights. Audrey and I were in Seattle, and were on our own today as Nalena flew to a conference in Atlanta and Jon worked. We rode with Nalena downtown, where she caught a light rail train to the airport while we walked down to the Seattle Aquarium, which we visited courtesy of tickets she had downloaded for us.

We enjoyed watching the fishies and birds and sea mammals and the school kids and the lesser kids who sometimes strayed.

Then we spent some time at Pike Place Market and had nice fish sandwiches at Lowell’s. Walked for 30 minutes or so to the Seattle Art Museum outdoor sculpture display and got all cultured there.

Then, we had to return to Jon’s apartment. We could have hopped a bus or streetcar, but the day was getting warmer and sunnier and we were in the mood (despite my bum knee) to walk, so walk we did.

We didn’t know the route, but Jon had given us a map and we didn’t get lost. Did not realize, looking at the map, that the street which crosses I-5 crosses way, way, over I-5. You expect them to provide oxygen masks.  We feared passing airliners.  As in probably even up with the space needle top or higher high.  I am not wild about driving across bridges, but this was the second time in 2 days (the first was in Vancouver) where I found myself very high in the sky walking on an uppity bridge.  I could have touched the face of God or perhaps have trimmed His beard, if He wanted it trimmed.  It was high.

Space needle.

Our route back from the SAM to Jon's place took us by the Space Needle. That's Audrey in the grey hoodie.

As in, Joe didn’t care for it much. But, I did it.

That makes two primordial fears faced this week—we flew to Seattle (whew) and I walked way up in the air to cross I-5. Thank goodness Sarah Palin is in the Holy Land, cause the way things are going I’d think she was just around the corner.

Facebook trip galleries:  Vancouver and Seattle.


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