A Visitor With 8 Legs

Spider in Warde Hall near the drinking fountain on the first floor. I like the hardwood floor in Warde, hope they never get in a hurry to carpet it. This is a large lady, no insult intended, over 1/2 as wide as a floor board.

A while ago, I wrote about a small spider that lived in my office at home. Sad to say, I have not seen that spider for some time, but then again, spiders are shy and she may just be better at hiding.

Anyway, today while walking to my office from a meeting in Lundy Commons, I spied this spider lady stalking the hallway by the drinking fountain. Before you say “eeek,” she was totally silent, smaller than a quarter and quietly trying to cop a drink without bothering any big bipeds. I’m sure she would, with considerable justification, fear us far more than the most paranoid of us fear her.

Anyway, when I wrote about my home office companion, some people at MMU thought I had an arachnid friend in my office, 101 Warde Hall. I probably do—spiders aren’t very rare—but I haven’t seen any.

Sure saw this one, though. Big mama!

A couple more images of her posted on Facebook to freak out family and friends.


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