An 8-legged Office Mate

The spider on the wall

Here she is, on the wall of the back office. She is usually found on the desk, I kind of like her on the wall ...

Recently, when correcting speech paper or entering speech feedback data from student forms, I’ve not been alone. When working past midnight, I have a new lady in my life.

No, she’s no competition for Audrey. In fact, she has eight legs, a rather mean looking face (I’ve seen it) and, probably, a taste for blood. Just not human blood, since my new late-night companion is a spider.

I was paranoid for a while, thinking she was something serious, like possibly a black widow, but a few minutes of Google image searching quickly proved that is just not so.

Black widows are mostly outdoor dwelling web spiders that don’t move around a lot. She, on the other hand, is definitely a hunter. Active at night in the office, frequently on the desk.

When she gets too close, I dispatch her with a puff of air. It moves her without seeming to hurt her, which is fine.

Why not just get rid of my office mate? Because if she’s not a brown recluse (of course not, don’t meant to insult you, you’re not even brown) or a black widow (nope, wrong body, wrong habitat, scary red marking is completely the wrong shape, not a long-legged spider, either, as black widows are) then why bother? She’s living on something.

Another view

What shall we name her? Penelope? Vixen? Vampira? She's rather small, note relative size of wood grain in window trim. One reason I think I can continue to tolerate her company.

As long as she’s well behaved, I’d rather wish her a long, healthy, bug-eating life. And, since she’s a rover and a hunter, having her around certainly keeps me more awake!



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3 responses to “An 8-legged Office Mate

  1. Cate

    And you know it’s your responsibility to revive Toni after she reads this blog entry, right?
    Pet spiders run in the family – Mama had one that lived in her living room chair in, I think, Clinton. Coulda been Rancho Cordova, though.

  2. crgardenjoe

    I’ll share desk space, but I probably would be a bit more reluctant at chair space … and Toni already commented on the Oscar post, so I assume she just skipped this one entirely.

  3. Allison

    Why not name her SpiderWoman? 🙂

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